Keluarga Cemara

Keluarga Cemara

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Movie adaptation of a TV show with the same title, which was a blockbuster in Indonesia in the 90s. A human
drama: The movie deals with the eternal theme of family ties and what is true happiness. Abah’s business becomes successful, and he and his family build a happy home.
However, the business eventually goes downhill, and the family is forced to move into a house in the outskirts of town inherited from a relative. The children are overwhelmed by the run-down house and country life with no phone signal.
Then, Abah’s company finally goes bankrupt.


Nirina Zubir
Ringgo Agus Rahman
Adhisty Zara (JKT48)
Widuri Sasono
Asri Welas
Yasamin Jasem
Maudy Koesnaedi
Andrew Trigg
Kafin Sulthan

Work Data

Director Yandy Laurens
Country Indonesia
Year 2019
Copyright ©2019 Visinema Pictures