EventFormer Junpu Elementary School

Date:Thursday, October 17 – Sunday, October 20
Address:609-1 Kakimoto-cho,Noboru,Hanaya-cho,Omiya-Dori,Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8357

Future Language x KIFF "Para Art Festival [Exhibition: DARE Exhibition]"

At Kyoto welfare facility "Swing" an exhibition will be held of entertainer portraits by the artists responsible for "Atelier Yahho!!" Who is behind the exhibit name of "DARE"? A Japanese word that means "who". The alternative meaning is the English word "Dare" which means to have the courage to do something.
Exhibition Thursday, October 17 – Sunday, October 20
Time 11:00-19:00(Last day only until 17:00)
Venue Former Junpu Elementary School

Future Language x KIFF "Para Art Festival [Event: Future Language Workshop & Art Auction and Laughs]"

An unprecedented communication challenge in the state of not being able to "speak, hear or see"!
The experiences born out of this are then collected to develop ideas about "future language" with participants. An auction will also be held for works by the artists producing the exhibition.
Date Sunday, October 20
Time 14:00-17:00
Venue Former Junpu Elementary School
参加方法: *Advance reservation required.

Opening the way for the next generation! CG Animation Studios and production methods!


This is the second lecture on the CG animation industry, following the first lecture held at the 2019 Okinawa International Movie Festival. Mr. Haruhiro Uchida, Vice President and Senior Executive Officer at Marza Animation Planet, Inc. is our guest lecturer. Marza Animation Planet is a CG animation production company that has continued to present a unique world view and that has continued to promote the appeals of animation characters with Japan’s leading CG image production technology. He will speak about the CG animation industry, production methods, and the qualities the company looks for when hiring employees.
Date: 12:00-, Saturday, 19 October
Venue: Former Junpu Elementary School
Fee: Free