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Kyoto International Film and Art Festival 6th Edition Celebrates with Packed Opening Party

2019/10/17 Event

After the Red Carpet and the Opening Ceremony during the day on Thursday October 17, the sixth edition of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival (KIFF) celebrated with a jam packed opening party. It was held at the stately Hotel Granvia, which is connected to the bustling Kyoto Station. Luminaries from the Japanese film industry, including many directors, production people and actors from the films being presented, lined the great room of the gala listened to opening remarks from the festival executives.

Film legend Sadao Nakajima, the Organization Committee Honorary President, took the stage and noted that KIFF was a very “Kyoto-like” film festival in its elegance and commitment to film art. He went on to say that the festival honors the legacy of Shozo Makino, considered the father of Japanese film, but also is actively involved in creating a new world of film, continuing the tradition of Japanese film started in Kyoto.

Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive Committee Chairman Ichiya Nakamura then took the stage and expressed his deep vision for the festival. He explained the event is not just a film festival, and not just an arts festival, but a combination of them where the two halves spur each other on to greater heights. He noted the fest has had an influence on film, animation and pop culture, and suggested it is a foundation of creativity where all these types of work can flourish.

The throngs of luminaries enjoyed mouth-watering sushi and other Japanese delights before a string of creators took the stage to express their appreciation. The director of Kusama Infinity, a documentary about renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, Heather Lenz addressed the throng of VIPs at the party. She noted how happy she is to screen her work at the festival and reminded the crowd the film will open nationwide on November 22. She related it was a great opportunity to learn about Kusama from the women herself.

The breadth and depth of visions being offered at KIFF became apparent as directors, productions professionals, and actors introduced their work in anticipation of another engaging festival.

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