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“Strong Beauty and Art” Event Thrills Fans

2019/10/19 Event

In keeping with Kyoto International Film and Art Festival’s eclectic theme a “Strong Beauty and Art” event was held at the former Junpu Elementary School from 3pm on Saturday afternoon, October 19. The event brought together Japanese pro wrestling and art in a community setting in the quaint repurposed school building.

The classrooms of the building saw art exhibitions from local artists while artisans sold clothing and crafts. In addition, local chefs offered food ranging from curry and noodles to cakes and homemade granola. A festive atmosphere pervaded the school as paper mache masks and other creations were worn and exhibited as throngs milled through the school.

The main event was the in the gymnasium however, where a full-size ring was set up and pro wrestlers from Japan’s active Dai Nippon league did battle. The first tag team match was between Ryuki Nishikawa’s team and Kota Senjura’s team. These up-and coming warriors did battle in fine style with impressive jumps and high-flying knockdowns. In the end, the favorite, blondy Kota, was able to pin his opponent for the victory.

The next match pitted female fighters Miyuki versus Mari. The former sported a sort of wonder woman outfit while Mari appeared as a witchy martial arts princess in black with a black cloth facemask. The two sparred with an impressive array of swinging maneuvers and pins. The dark temptress and crowd favorite Mari prevailed after a grueling duel.

The big event saw the legendary wrestler The Bodyguard with his partner Sekimoto take on a team led by Nomura. These wrestlers were absolute behemoths, with muscles bulging from their impressive frames. The Bodyguard is 170 centimeters tall but weighs 110 kilos, with nary an ounce of fat. The battle saw more blows and kicks than the previous fights with all four combatants punishing each other. In the end The Bodyguard was able to hold down Nomura for the three-count and the victory.

The gala atmosphere at the school was enlivened by both the art and the sport, leading to an electric ambiance. The multitude that filled the school enjoyed every minute of it.

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