AboutAhead of KIFF 2019

Honorary Chairman of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive Committee SADAO NAKAJIMA

Once again, we are welcoming the season of Kyoto International Film and Art Festival this year.
This is the 90th year since Mr. Shozo Makino, also known as the “Father of Japanese cinema”, passed away. For us Kyoto filmmakers, and now also people who appreciate the cinematic culture on a day to day basis, Makino’s existence has been imperial.
This year, therefore, we bring you contents to get a sense of Makino’s achievements, in addition to our usual range of programs. We look forward to seeing you and your friends at the film festival.
Sadao Nakajima

Chairman of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive CommitteeICHIYA NAKAMURA

“Film, Art and All the Other Things”. A town of a thriving, thousand-year-old culture, and of constant innovation in films, games, anime and popular culture.
A city that is home to the Agency of Cultural Affairs, and which continues to compete for the world’s number one position in popular tourist attraction rankings. All Kyoto lovers come together to enjoy, create, and share“ everything.”
This year’s poster: That boy is me half a century ago. I used to visit a public bath at the foot of Mt. Daimonji every day. The poster reads:“ Mono ni yoru naa”( That depends), and “Iroiro aru nen” (There are different kinds).
I hope to share all sorts of incredible things with all of you, so that children born in this new era of Reiwa will also find their eyes sparkling.
Kind regards,
Ichiya Nakamura


This year marks the 90th death anniversary of the Father of Japanese cinema, Shozo Makino. This festival has widely conveyed the beauty of “culture” in films and others from the birthplace of Japanese cinema, Kyoto. I am deeply pleased that the festival is being held with more splendor than ever in this significant year for Japan’s film industry. I would like to pay great respect to everyone who has jointly supported the film festival, including the two chairmen of the executive committee who have committed to the organization of the festival, honorary chairman Sadao Nakajima and chairman Ichiya Nakamura, as well as Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd., which has deployed a wide range of projects, starting with SDGs. Year after year, KIFF has expanded its venue and grown to a film festival that literally involves the whole town of Kyoto. This year’s festival will see further integration with the town of Kyoto, as exemplified by the collaboration with Shimogyo-ku 140th Anniversary Project. I am sure the festival will be as exciting as ever with great participation from residents and tourists alike. Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics is finally coming next year. With World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI scheduled the year after, and EXPO 2025 Osaka, Kansai in 2025; Japan, the Kansai region and Kyoto will continue to receive great attention from the world through various opportunities. As for our city, we are determined to capture this opportunity and share the beauty of Japanese culture to an even wider audience in Japan and overseas from Kyoto, where the Agency of Cultural Affairs is completing a full transfer. This film festival is a major catalyst for us. We appreciate your warm support.
Daisaku Kadokawa