Since 2014, we have been organizing the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival(KIFF), which carries on the tradition and vision of the Kyoto Film Festival.This has been made possible with the cooperation of our sponsors, relevant industries, organizations and supporters inside and outside Kyoto, as well as the residents of Kyoto City and Kyoto Prefecture.
For the 5th film festival last year, we brought a new shape to the event, widely setting out KIFF’s unique vision which actively pursues “new things” while emphasizing“ tradition”.
2019 marks the 90th anniversary since Shozo Makino passed away. While working as a director, Shozo Makino also created a movie studio, delivering a “cinematic culture” to the wider public. The saying “Kyoto is the birthplace of Japanese cinema” comes from the fact that Makino’s success and theories were the foundation in developing the unique qualities of Japanese cinematic culture and film industry. While recognizing once again the sheer significance of holding a film festival at the birthplace of Japanese cinema, we also carry great hope around creating a new culture in the progressive and dazzling city of Kyoto.
Through the 5 years of hosting KIFF, we have passed on the culture and traditional arts of Kyoto by making use of the talent, skills and experiences it has to offer. Moreover, we have expanded the content not only for the category of “film” but also for those of “art” and “others”, so as not to be restricted by the name “film festival”.We are striving to focus different genres into a concrete vision by connecting dots to draw lines. In doing so, it is our ambition to throw a new door wide open to diversity.
For the 6th festival, we will aim for further progress and concrete results as we deliver “Film, Art and All the Other Things” from Kyoto out to the world.
“Interact in Kyoto — Connect in Kyoto”
From films to art, traditional craft, and new medium...Looking ahead into the future, KIFF has always expanded its circle to “interact and connect” with various content.
This year, KIFF will take a stride together with the younger, digital generation, interweaving authentic traditions and innovative creations.
Valuing Kyoto’s spirit of “Jō” (compassion) and its way of life as symbolized by Chanbara, the spirit of past and present will be “woven into the next generation.”


Thursday, October 17 – Sunday, October 20 2019
Nishi Hongwanji Temple
Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu
Okazaki Park
Former Junpu Elementary School
The Shimabara Area
Ooe Nougakudou
TOHO Cinemas Nijo
T・Joy Kyoto
AEON Cinema Kyoto Katsuragawa
Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto
Kyoto Racecourse
Kyoto Tower Sand
AEON Mall Kyoto Gojo
AEON Mall Kyoto Katsuragawa
AEON Mall Kumiyama
AEON Mall Takanohara
AEON Rakunan Shopping Center
AEON Mall Kusatsu
AEON Oumi Hachiman Shopping Center
Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive Committee
Kyo no Yoshimoto Co., Ltd.
"Kyo no Yoshimoto Co., Ltd." is a company commissioned by Kyoto International Film and Art Festival for the festival’s business operation.
Kyoto City
Special Sponsors
Kyoto Shimbun and KBS Kyoto
Sponsor & Collaborator
Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto Location Information Council, General Inc. Association
Headquarters for Vitalizing Regional Cultures, Agency for Cultural Affairs