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PR Project in Collaboration with Kyoto City Screening of PR video & Hosting of PR stage show for Kyoto City Government

This year, we produced a PR video for the Kyoto City government, titled “Jitsu ha, Kyoto-shi (Actually, Kyoto City)”.
It was made in collaboration with Kyoto city and allows the audience to learn about the city humorously. Two types of PR videos based on the concept of "Actually, 〇〇〇" one for SDGs, and one for public transport utilization promotion ̶ will be played at eachof the film festival’s venues. These videos feature familiar comedians, such as Black Mayonnaise, and Miki, who are originally from Kyoto City.
Moreover, a Kyoto City PR stage show will be held at Okazaki Park on Saturday, 19 October.

PR Project in Collaboration with Kyoto City

Boston’s Evening

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Kyoto City and Boston becoming sister cities, we held events that strengthen the bond between Boston and Kyoto, including U.S.-based music and other performances, as well as a comic performance by Matenro.

Saturday, 14 September
Kyoto Station Building 4F
Gion, Matenro

"Festival Poster" in Collaborat ion with Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau

From Fri. 4 October, we will be displaying two types of posters in all 31 stations of the Kyoto Municipal Subway line: festival posters and collaborative festival posters. We will also appeal to the viewer via QR codes on the posters, taking them to the "Public Transport Utilization Promotion" video mentioned above.Moreover, we will also spread the word further through means such as "Monthly Line", the railway line bulletin produced by Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau.