Children of the Sea

Children of the Sea


Early summer of 2019, the long-awaited film adaptation of “Children of the Sea” finally came true as a full-length animation.
The story is based on the comic book by Daisuke Igarashi, a manga artist who continues to fascinate the reader with unique manga depictions that capture the reverence for the natural world. The movie was produced by STUDIO4℃, whose edgy visual expressions in the movies such as “Tekkonkinkreet” are attracting international attention.
The star-studded cast includes Mana Ashida. The music is by Jo Hisaishi, the master of the soundtrack industry. The main theme is “Spirits of the Sea”, written by Kenshi Yonezu. These “sounds”, which add color to the dangerously rich and deep world of the movie, can be considered another face of the movie.


Voice Cast: Mana Ashida etc.

Work Data

Director Ayumu Watanabe
Music by Joe Hisaishi
Products by STUDIO 4℃
Production Company Daisuke Igarashi
Country Japan
Year 2019