Little miss period

Little miss period


“It sucks because I can’t blame everything that sucks on my period.” If you are a woman, you have to deal with
your “monthly visitor” whether you like it or not. It arrives with a bang, dealing heavy blows and draining your body of blood and hitting you with the double whammy of sharp pain and unbearable misery. While “Seiri-chan” (the period) has aspects of a villain that will not accept no for an answer, there is more to her than meets the eye. She has a gentle side, something that stays loyal and has plenty of life lessons to impart.
The film delivers a message to all women, as well as men who do not know the agony of periods.


Fumi Nikaido
Sairi Ito
Risaki Matsukaze

Work Data

Director Shunsuke Shinada
Country Japan
Year 2019