Three stories produced by director Kaizo Hayashi over a period of 4 years.
The first episode is about a nuclear power plant at which a bolt loosened after a mega earthquake. The story focuses on the men who risk their lives to tighten the bolt. As one of the men says, “Someone’s got to do it.”
The second episode is the man’s story after the incident. The man heads to clean out the belongings of an elderly who died alone in the evacuation zone. What does the man see there...?
The third episode is about the man on Christmas night and a mysterious woman that suddenly appears in front of him. She might be his wife who died in tsunami.


Masatoshi Nagase
Shiro Sano
Hirohito Goto
Kazuhiko Kanayama
Sarara Tsukifune

Work Data

Director Kaizo Hayashi
Country Japan
Year 2019