RUN! -3 films-

RUN! -3 films-



The robber that a convenience store part-timer encountered was his classmate..“. Tsuioku Dansu” (Dancing down memory lane) is a story portraying the battle between the two over their lapse in memory.
“Vanish” is a science fantasy that recounts the encounter and story of a corpse disposer, and a mysterious parent and child duo that eat humans for survival.
“Actor” energetically and vividly portrays the struggling actor stepping into a mysterious movie set and scampering through the border of reality and illusion.
Experience boisterous yet sensitive human drama in a set of 3 short films that have received multiple awards at a number of film festivals !


Ryo Shinoda,
Minehiro Kinomoto
Shinji Matsubayashi
Tsukasa Kuroiwa
Kanji Tsuda

Work Data

Director Tetsuhiko Tsuchiya, Yusuke Hatai
Country Japan
Year 2019
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