Finding Light at the Darkness Festival


Finding Light at the Darkness Festival


Mr. Ogawa’s family lives in the city of Fuchu. He has a mother, a wife, a son who is an aspiring actor, and a daughter. They may be an ordinary family, but they have a mountain of problems including his daughter’s love life and mother’s dementia.
One day, Mr. Ogawa is forced to retire early from his company. He was planning to enjoy his second life in high spirits, but life is not so simple. Amidst all this, he ends up helping his local Okunitama Shrine for their“Kurayami Matsuri” (Darkness Festival). Through the traditional festival, the old man thinks: “Life isn’t that bad after all. This is gettingexciting!”


Seiji Rokkaku
Aimi Satsukawa
Reiko Takashima

Work Data

Director Yukiyasu Asano
Written by Yukiyasu Asano
Country Japan
Year 2019